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SAVU Solo tube includes one SAVU whisky tasting glass.

The elegant and light hourglass design with its ledges is hand finished by our master glass blowers. Purest borosilicate glass ensures durability – SAVU is dishwasher safe. SAVU combines chemistry with gastronomy and eliminates the ethanol burn – now everyone can enjoy the optimal whisky experience.

A perfect purchase to try out SAVU whisky glass and its functionality..

‘The ad did not promise too much. In fact, the scent is clearly finer with SAVU glass revealing much more details and the richness of aromas.’

Armin Schüssler

Editor in Chief Whisky News

‘The sensory experience with SAVU Glass is outstanding! One senses the aromas extremely clearly. Other glasses cannot deliver such an experience’

Gavin Ryan Thomson

Honorary Bowmore Brand Ambassador, Whisky Magazine World Whiskies Awards Judge

‘I received a SAVU glass for testing. They are soooo cool! When can I buy them in the US?’

Lisa Cloutier

Founder Whistling Andy Distillery

‘The Father’s day present arrived fast and was well received! Great service and quick response! I had a question about my delivery and the answer came right away.’




Diameter 60 mm Height 110 mm


50 g


2-4 cl drams are recommended


Dishwasher safe pure borosilicate glass


by inventor chemist Dr Jari Tuominen


The glass has a huge influence in the whole drinking experience. The most important function of a whisky glass is to allow the best possible access to the rich and unique set of fragrances of each whisky. Beyond that the glass is part of the whole tasting experience from handling, holding, lip feel, sniffing and drinking.

Savu is the first and only technical whisky glass. The unique and patented design functions so that you will not smell the alcohol but the actual aromas of whisky. For many this is ‘like a very first time’ kind of experience.

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how to use savu glass

Pour over the ledges

Pour over the ledges 2-4 cl recommended

Wait one minute and enjoy visually

Wait a minute to Appreciate visually

Sniff and enjoy aromas

Savour the scent in peace.
enjoy sipping from the smooth side

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