More scent.
More taste.
More enjoyment.


The whisky-tasting revolution bridging chemistry and gastronomy.

A glass that makes whisky taste better! SAVU – the functional whisky glass – is chemist Dr Jari Tuominen’s invention. It bridges chemistry with gastronomy in a new way and makes the sensing of whisky aromas easy for everyone.

‘I think we should all enjoy whisky aromas ourself and appreciate the wonderful work of distilleries and their master blenders. It is certainly better to experience whisky flavours in person than to read the elaborate desciptions of others about them’

– Jari Tuominen, inventor

the revolutionary design

Chemist Dr Jari Tuominen invented the glass for the ultimate whisky experience. The design was then perfected in collaboration with laboratories in University of Turku and University of Helsinki.

1. Ledges

The upper part of Savu tasting glass has small ledges; perfectly positioned shaped and sized volumetric planes. This is where the SAVU magic happens.

2. Shape

The novel hourglass shape with its waist curbs the alcohol evaporation and escape into your nose from the lower part.

savu is handmade in finland

Seven good reasons why you should purchase this glass:

  1. SAVU is the first and the only one of its kind – high-end functional glassware.
  2. More enjoyment; get more scent and taste from your whisky.
  3. Tastes of whiskies vary very little, the differences are in the scents.
  4. Whisky is all about aromas – let’s appreciate the fine work of master distillers and master blenders.
  5. We all have a sense of smell – why not use it?
  6. Unique and beautiful – SAVU is handmade in Finland.
  7. Come to think of it – why settle for less?

In the words of our customers: ‘Once you’ve experienced the fanfare of scents and flavours  you never want to miss out on them again.’

'I have to state that, even without my Finnish blue-and-white spectacles on, SAVU truly delivers on its promises.'
Asko Ryynänen

Master Distiller, Valamo Monastery Distillery

Whisky lovers of Finland’s largest whisky society (1000+ members) find SAVU and its functionality amazing and share their strong recommendation of SAVU.

The Fellowship of Whisky, VYS

Viskin Ystävien Seura, VYS

Ready to enjoy your whisky more?
SAVU is now available in most European countries!
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'I'm not a whisky drinker. Actually, I don't even like whisky that much. after trying with SAVU Glass I was really amazed how good the whisky smelled. The various notes, the caramel and other aromas were no longer hidden under the alcohol. Still not a big whisky drinker, but I became a whisky taster!'
How I became a whisky taster
'They are sooooo cool! How can we get them in the US?'
Amazing new glasses
'Really amazing! My first impression after comparing SAVU with my old sniffing glasses was like comparing a visit to a perfumeries instead of a dentist's. Thus, a clear difference. Well done guys!'
Like visiting perfumeries instead of dentist

‘Whisky’s alcohol burn in the nose is a problem everyone recognizes. With our noses numbed by the alcohol fumes we cannot actually taste whisky! By abolishing this problem SAVU revolutionizes the entire experience: now everyone can have an unlimited access to the full bouquet of whisky flavours and aromas.’ -Jari Tuominen, Inventor

Whisky’s alcohol’s nose-numbing effect has been considered an inescabable problem. This is no longer the case: with its science-based functionality SAVU puts an end to it. It simply makes aroma sensing easy by eliminating the nose-numbing effect of the alcohol fumes.

When you hold SAVU glass the hardest part is done and it is time for discovery and joy. In other words, it is time to truly discover whisky aromas. Read more to find out how you can  ebter the garden of whisky aromas:

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Functional design optimized in laboratories


Hourglass shape from lab-grade glass is beautiful


Handcrafted to perfection in Finland

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