SAVU Glass design - form follows function

how to Re-invent the whisky glass

Bridge chemistry with whisky-tasting experience

The funtional science-based design revolutionizes whisky tasting experience.

Enable access to all aromas

SAVU offers more than traditional glasses because it makes the aroma sensing easy by eliminating alcohol's nose-numbing effect.

Depict an astounding difference

100% of our customers report a clear and undeniable difference between SAVU and traditional whisky glasses.

Provide the best for all senses

From handling to pouring and nosing to drinking: the beautiful Finnish design and artisanal manufacturing ensure the matchless experience for everyone.

whisky aromas belong to everyone

“Vanilla and caramel aromas with fruity undertone.” or “, Granny Smith apple with a touch of citrus and a piety finish.” Sounds fantastic, but leaves most of us wondering: Where are these flavours and scents then? How come I cannot sense or taste them?

Actually, all these flavours and aromas really do exist in whiskies. With traditional whisky glasses they just go mostly unnoticed. Because alcohol fumes numb our sense of smell, there persists a large gap between our personal experience and the actual aromas in whisky. Read further to find out how SAVU bridges this gap and brings whisky aromas at everyone’s reach.

Need for a better whisky glass

Alcohol is no doubt an essential part of whisky. But it is by no means the most important part. Instead of alcohol the character of whisky emerges from sensations evoked by its aromas. Thus, the natural aromas are the most importat part of whisky. Unfortunately, with traditional glasses most of the aromas remain hidden under the overbearing alcohol fumes.

This infamous problem persists as long as our smell reseptors and our brains are overwhelmed and numbed by the excess alcohol fumes that evaporate from the whisky. As a result the aromas are practically inaccessible, which means we cannot really taste the whisky!  There is need a better whisky glass.

functional design Inspired by natural aromas and based on science.

First level of functionality is operational and is based on physical chemistry. The design imitates the natural distillation process in the whisky manufacturing.  The operational functionality serves the second level, which is more qualitative and has to do with how we sense and experience whisky. The second level draws from our senses of taste and smell, psychology and brain science. Read more about the twofold sciencen-based functionality of SAVU in the dedicated blog post (coming soon). 

how does it work?

SAVU overcomes the alcohol burn by two unique design features:

  • 1. Ledges

    The upper part of Savu tasting glass has small ledges, carefully positioned and sized volumetric planes. They imitate the distillation process and allow just the right alcohol evaporation from a tiny amount of whisky.

  • 2. Shape

    The novel hourglass shape with its neck curbs the alcohol evaporation and escape into your nose from the lower part. Optionally, for a perfect sealing one can use a small piece of ice.

Does it actually work?

Measuring alcohol vapour at the top of the glass

SAVU outperforms traditional glasses because it makes the sensing of aromas easy by eliminating the alcohol burn in the nose.​

(*) Alcohol evaporation measurements were performed in the Department of Food Chemistry and Food Development of the University of Turku, one of Finland’s leading universities.

Tasting and smelling are subjective experiences and almost impossible to quantify. However, we can objectively measure how much alcohol vapour there is at the top of the glass(*). This is  where the nose is when we sniff and taste.

The more alcohol vapour there is at the top of the glass, the less we sense aromas because our smell receptors and the brain are busy sensing the alcohol fumes. We say often ‘alcohol numbing’ or ‘alcohol burn’ because these describe the sensation accurately.

The figure compares laboratory results of SAVU with a traditional whisky-tasting glass. It is clear that with SAVU (brown dots and line) the alcohol fumes are rapidly reduced and the aroma sensing becomes easy. With the traditional glass (black dots and line) the amount of alcohol fumes is at a high level and aroma sensing remains difficult. As you can see, practically forever.

customers agree with the science!


You do not have to just rely on science and the laboratory results. 

Take a look at what how our customers answered to our questionnaire after trying out SAVU. You cannot cheat their noses: 100% noticed the difference to traditional glasses.

With SAVU it becomes easy for everyone to sense aromas and fully enjoy whisky.

The unique combination of aromas are what characterizes whiskies and makes each one unique. Therefore, we hold that SAVU is a true game changer in the world of whisky – certainly worth for you to tra out and experience.

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