Story of SAVU whisky glass

” … it dawned on us that if we could get rid of the nose-numbing alcohol fumes we would gain access to all the scents of whisky for an unlimited sensation.”

After a full career in aroma research I am still constantly surprised by scents and smells and cherishing and amazed the sensations they generate.

For instance, in the summer when I make a sauna whisk from birch sprigs, I often crush some fresh leaves in my hand and take a moment to savour the fragrances. Now there is another scent I could relish forever!

Hidden treasure under alcohol fumes

I consider aromas an essential part of our every-day life. On one level it’s all chemistry, but in practice, it’s really about experiences, sensations and the associated emotional charges. I trust everyone to be familiar with the feeling when a particular scent suddenly transfers us to that special moment or a place in the past. Such flashes are just the tip of the iceberg of how important aromas are for our lives.

I suppose the passion for aromas is also behind my love for whisky, which is one of the aroma richest beverages. However, like most people, I was always disturbed by the strong and dominant alcohol fumes, which hindered my cherished after-sauna whisky moments.

It felt like I wasn’t allowed the full access to the bouquet. Like a hidden treasure was buried somewhere under the dominance of strong alcohol smell.


Under the midnight sun

One summer night while we were nosing and tasting whisky under the midnight sun we started asking each other: “Do we really have to have this alhohol burn in the nose?”,  “Is it possible to reduce this overwhelming alcohol blocking effect?” and “If it is possible, how should we go about doing it?”
We knew that practically everyone who tastes whisky seeks the best tasting sensation, for which the sense of smell is irremissible. We soon realized that by solving the ‘ethanol problem’ we could open up the wondrous world of whisky aromas for everyone, from beginners to seasoned sniffers and professionals!
The challenge was set: Get rid of the alcohol burn and gain access to the full flavour profile for an unlimited sensation.
But how could we pull off this miracle?

First prototype

We got to work. With the initial design ideas drawn on the back of an envelope, we were entered the glass atelier of one of Finland’s renowned master glassblowers Kari Alakoski. We were lucky as Kari thought the challenge of designing a perfect whisky glass was worth striving for.

After numerous attempts (and admittedly some frustrating moments accompanied by a fine selection of Finnish curse words) master Alakoski succeeded in creating what became the first prototype of SAVU – a 16-cm-high ‘flower vase’ that weighted about a half a kilo.

While It did not look like much, as soon as we tried it out, it was clear that the ‘alcohol sting’ had been reduced significantly. We had discovered the main design features – or in other words found the ‘mechanisms’ through which the first functional whisky glass was possible. We had our proof of concept for SAVU!

The work continued in collaboration with the universities of Helsinki and Turku as we optimized the functionality at the same time finalizing the beautiful hourglass shape lip and mouth sensation. The many iterations and laboratory results lead to what is now available in our web shop SAVU 6.0.

First prototype of SAVU

The story goes on

‘Loppu on historiaa’, as we say in Finnish. The first larger batch of SAVU (prototype 5) was a big success in Finland. Almost a 1000 people are now enjoying their whisky from SAVU including whisky experts and ordinary people.
SAVU is also already patented in North America, EU countries, Japan and China.

Our core mission remains: Share this flavour sensation with everyone! Currently we are expanding our markets to Germany, Nordic and Baltic countries as wel as Benelux countries as the march goes on.
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