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Everyone notices
the difference
SAVU whisky glass
and a traditional tasting glass

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Everyone notices
the difference
SAVU whisky tasting glass
and an ordinary glass

WHISKY aromas are for everyone to enjoy!

Are you curious about whisky aromas but find it difficult to actually sense them? No matter how detailed the description in the label is most people find this challenging.

No need to frustrate anymore, we solved this age-old problem!

Focus in activity, experience and sharing

Our mission is to share the joy of whisky aromas and whisky tasting with everyone. We do this by offering you the keys to the garden of whisky aromas. With SAVU whisky tasting glass all of us – not just experts – get to enjoy the whisky in its full glory.

SAVU glass truly is a next generation innovation for whisky tasting. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, with SAVU tasting glass you will get infinitely more pleasure out of every single dram.
- Asko Ryynänen, Master Distiller

We love to see people taking a moment and sending whisky scents for the first time. It is wonderful to witness the eyes light up and to hear ‘Amazing! I can really sense pineapple, green tea, leather … or whatever aroma there is in the whisky!’. These moments are truly precious and rewarding and motivate us in spreading the word of whisky, nose and aromas and allowing people to experience first-hand how great and varied beverage whisky actually is.

As scientists we care also about hard facts. Facts about sense of smell, how alcohol fumes block it and what happens when we detect aromas with our noses and experience them with our brain. SAVU was developed carefully measuring the evaporation of alcohol and aroma molecules with laboratory experiments. SAVU is the only glass that truly enhances the whisky tasting experience.

Ultimately, we aspire to focus on ideas, learning, activity and sharing. Naturally, whisky tasting at its best has all these attributes. This also holds for SAVU glass; SAVU stems from an original scientific idea turned to a unique innovation. This idea is then realized by using renewable materials and handcraft of our master glass blowers.

Meet the team

Jari Tuominen, PhD

CEO, Inventor, founder

Doctor in Chemistry, aroma scientist, innovator and passionate 8. Dan Hanshi in martial art Taido.

Janne Savolainen, PhD

CMO, co-founder,

Doctor in Chemistry with career in molecular and solvation sciences. Always in search of new challenges with learning and sharing being my main drivers. Yet never too busy to play my classical guitar.

Antti Leino

CDO, founder

I am a marketing architect, lecturer, trainer and digital marketing professional.

Harri Savolainen

CPO, Founder

Whisky enthusiast since 1986. 6. Dan Kyoshi in martial art Taido. From infra industry to luxury glassware. I find it satisfying and immensely interesting to keep among other things the supply chain of SAVU glass running

sari Nummela

Sales, USA

I have extensive experience in marketing and sales. Currently settling in Florida and launcing SAVU in the US.

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