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SAVU – Premium whisky glass offers high value

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One lazy Sunday I spend some time to weight between the options of the whisky bottles in Finland. I quickly noticed one could toss glorious 260€ for Octomore 11.3 Single Malt, or 220€ for The Macallan Estate Single Malt, or salty 200€ for Lagavulin 12 Year Old Special Release 2021 Single Malt (source Hundreds of euros for bottle of a great stock, hours and hours used to manufacture superior whisky.

I keep hearing that SAVU is too expensive compared to our competitors. So why not to spend tens of euros for a better than average whisky glass? I rather not open details of building a solid business from the scratch and its all expenses, but let me say a few thoughts who we have positioned SAVU as a brand.

SAVU brand is a unique luxurious design article handcrafted in Finland. Our product is the only whisky glass that is scientifically proven to improve the aroma sensing in whisky tasting.

In SAVU brand, we have added sensory and emotional appeal to ordinary function, smelling the whisky. The brand feeds aspirations for a better life.

SAVU as a whisky glass is well-designed and well-crafted. The brand possesses the artisanal touches of traditional luxury goods, even when it address basic necessity of a tasting glass.

People want SAVU brand first and foremost because the brand delivers its key design promise: the brand eliminates nose-numbing effect of the alcohol fumes, and makes aroma sensing easy. Like the inventor himself explains: “… we should all enjoy whisky aromas ourself and appreciate the wonderful work of distilleries and their master blenders. It is certainly better to experience whisky flavours in person than to read the elaborate descriptions of others…”

SAVU brand offers a product – and hopefully a family of adult consumable products – that delivers higher levels of quality, taste, and aspiration, allowing our customers to trade up, and enter to another world of whisky tasting. So next time you have a 200€ bottle in your possession, make dam sure you have a proper tools to get most of the uisge beatha.

Artisanship, authenticity, and bespoke.



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