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Crossing the ocean – Patent accepted in USA and Japan

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Today I have fantastic news to share: the patent for the SAVU Glass is now officially accepted in USA and Japan! This achievement took a lot of work and certainly wasn’t a small investment for a start-up. Nevertheless, having the patent protection for our invention and its novel aroma enhancing technology will be worth it!

In short, our patent describes the functionality of SAVU glass that derives from the ledges in the upper part and the neck of the novel hour-glass shape of the glass. These design features eliminate the numbing effect of the sense of smell due to the dominating alcohol fumes. By eliminating this ‘nose-burning’ effect SAVU makes room for the whisky aromas and enables both the sensing and identification of the aromas.

We are certain that with its strong and rising whisky culture and appreciation for authenticity and scientific research Japan will become another important market for our glass portraying functional design and Finnish artisanal manufacturing.

USA on the other hand is the cradle of Bourbon, aroma-experience of which benefits remarkably from using SAVU glass as the aromas seem to truly blossom with it. The few samples we have shipped to Japan and USA have received lots of attention and resulted in very positive feedback. We look forward to start our activities of tastings and in-person demonstrations as soon as the global pandemic loosens its grip.

At any rate we now stand well positioned, excited and ready to cross the ocean!



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