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I can’t think of any tasting where you are not asked to sniff the whisky before tasting. So there must be a good reason for that. So the participants are instructed to look for and find something in the whisky – what is it? The answer is aroma.

Different whiskys have a different composition of volatile compounds (= molecules) that give the sense of smell. It is precisely those compounds that should be directed to the nose and further attached to the olfactory receptors. 

What is the best way to do it? The answer is that with the help of glass. So does the shape of the glass matter? Yes, very important. Before we evaluate the glasses, let’s think about the reason to sniff whisky.


Sniffing whiskey affects us both physiologically and psychologically

Physiologically, the sense of smell gives information about the intensity, familiarity, pleasantness of the aroma and enables the identification of different sensations. The possibilities are almost unlimited. The sense of taste, on the other hand, only gives information about sweetness, saltiness, acidity, bitterness and umami. Both senses do work together and this is how you get an idea of the whisky’s overall flavor. Below the physiological effects of the sense of smell.

Experiencing aromas while sniffing whisky stimulates the olfactory receptors and the signals travel to different areas in the brain. This process, as it were, prepares for a holistic assessment of the whisky.

Whisky is made through many different processes and these processes produce different aroma molecules in whisky. With the help of the sense of smell, you can recognize these aromas, e.g. fruitiness. toffee, vanilla.

A journey into the world of aromas is like increasing your understanding of what whisky is in question. You can experience the aromas of the whisky in the same way as the Perfume Industry defines it: top notes, middle notes and base notes.

Psychologically, many factors affect our assessment and the situation.

Sniffing is like a learned habit that you just can’t get rid of. It’s like an appreciation or a tribute to the whisky maker.

Scents affect mood and emotions 

Sniffing and sensing different aromas is like a meditative adventure, where the emotional state and experience change all the time. It has been scientifically proven that certain scents bring back certain moments and memories experienced in the past. This is very personal and only possible through the sense of smell.

Because we can get a lot of subjective experiences through the sense of smell, the experiences gained through sniffing create an excellent space for social sharing. There is a lot to share thoughts, identify with, get excited about, disagree with, etc.

Ethanol weakens the function of the olfactory receptors

One thing can spoil the positive possibilities described above and the so-called the perfect experience. It is a large amount of ethanol that weakens the function of the olfactory receptors. 

And this is exactly the reason that the glass really means a lot and affects the whisky experience. 

A good glass and the time given for sniffing make for a perfect experience. The brain is warmed by aroma sensations and, on top of that, the scent is stored in the brain. After this, tasting completes the experience. Sniffing is like an invitation to a better experience.

Since everything written above is true, we developed a SAVU glass for whisky. It gives the whisky enthusiast as well as the living room connoisseur more, and nothing can be lost from before. So why not try this new opportunity. Thousands of people have given us feedback on how the glass really works

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