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Savu Bishop

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Includes one handmade tasting board. Material is massive oak. The SAVU Bishop whisky tasting board has been designed as a companion to your Finnish design whisky glass SAVU. The handmade Bishop plate brings a precious atmosphere to tasting moments. Two glasses and a bottle or carafe can fit on the board.

SAVU Bishop offers sophistication and class and elevates whisky tasting momnets from man caves into living rooms.

‘Bishop is so beautiful and demonstrates love for Wood and craftmaship at the highest level’

Eija Leskinen

Head of Department - Sweco

‘I always considered whisky tasting board more of a man cave item, not anymore’

Benedictus Huovila

Occasional whisky drinker

No nonsense, quick and polite. The SAVU team really has a customer-first policy.’


‘it is amazing how the design of board amplifies the already beautiful form of the SAVU glasses’

Joonas Jarkko

Key Account Director - Skydda



33x23x5 cm


1000 g


Two SAVU whisky glasses and a bottle or a carafe


Solid Oak


by Jari Karppinen – Karppinen Woodwork


The glass has a huge influence in the whole drinking experience. The most important function of a whisky glass is to allow the best possible access to the rich and unique set of fragrances of each whisky. Beyond that the glass is part of the whole tasting experience from handling, holding, lip feel, sniffing and drinking.

Savu is the first and only technical whisky glass. The unique and patented design functions so that you will not smell the alcohol but the actual aromas of whisky. For many this is ‘like a very first time’ kind of experience.

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how to use savu glass

Pour over the ledges

Pour over the ledges 2-4 cl recommended

Wait one minute and enjoy visually

Wait a minute to Appreciate visually

Sniff and enjoy aromas

Savour the scent in peace.
enjoy sipping from the smooth side

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