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Play punk, says whisky glass salesman

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Due to my background I am  interested in whisky brands and the stories of distilleries that produce them with devotion. During the first year with Noble Glass Ltd, I was also amazed at how strong the picture of whisky as a conservative industry actually is. The prejudice toward the “different” design language of our glass and the meditative charm associated when using ice are good examples. What do you say back when facing comments like “only tulip-shaped glass is“ real? In priciple, you can do nothing, because it is kind of dumb thing to argue about matters of taste. Arguably. 🙂

SAVU glass liberates. With SAVU, everyone seems to become a friend of whisky. Note, that the drinking experience, is subjective. We all have our preferences, pasts and abilities and so on. I, for instance,  don’t detect pineapple nor guava from American bourbon, but I do distinguish something that feels comfortable in the brain. And this varies greatly from whisky to whisky when I use SAVU glass. Also, I think it is just okay to drop a couple of cents of ice-cold water into the set if the drink feels better in your mouth that way.


SAVU glass is a scientifically researched challenger. The other night we had a few friends over in the village. None of them identified themselves as whiskey lovers. The semi-scientific correspondence I had with them about the aromas and the quality in the production of SAVU glass seemed more mud than molecules in the eyes of outsiders. Personally, I really appreciate the uncompromising scientific attitude of SAVU inventor Jari, combined with the “aah” sound that comes when he sniffs once more and tastes whiskey after a half-hour aroma profile lecture. (That’s why I really recommend oer virtual tasting sessions). However, for our visitors my rendering of the message left them cold. In the end I simply decided to leave them in tasting their cold champagne in peace. However,  next to the champange glasses I placed SAVU glasses with some Jack Daniels in them. “Treat it like a perfume,” I said. And what do you know; The sniffing didn’t seem to come to an end!

SAVU glass is a punk rocker among the establishment. A strong scientific background, combined with distinctive and now globally-patented design, is a simple and winning combination. I already know that there is a new pulse in the industry, innovators, super-enthusiastic distillery owners and the much-needed punk spirit. We are one of them! And that’s one reason I’m involved with the company. If the product looks different but it gives the user great feelings, then let’s play even harder Sex Pistols!


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