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Unique Finnish wood design to partner with premium whisky glass SAVU

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When the love of wood met the love of aromas

The SAVU Bishop whisky tasting plate has been designed as a companion to your Finnish design whisky glass SAVU. The handmade Bishop plate brings a precious atmosphere to tasting moments. Two glasses and a bottle or carafe can fit on the board.

The idea for the SAVU Bishop tasting board came from fine woodworker Jari Karppinen. There has been earlier discussions with Jari about different wooden box solutions and SAVU gift boxes.

One morning, Jari got in touch and presented the idea – a wooden board that matches the shape of the glass.

“The answer was too close and the idea finally came about like a flash.” Jari tells.

Jari is a craftsman and masters woodworking. In Jari’s hands, the wood bends into wonderful products. His love for wood can be seen, for example, in the successful product he designed, the Lyyti-stool, as well as in the interiors of several restaurants and public spaces, and in numerous homes as custom-made furniture.

SAVU glass is a handmade Finnish premium design product, so ‘Karppinen Woodworks’ handmade wood design fits perfectly with it. We named the board SAVU Bishop. The board looks a bit like a bishop or bishop on a chess board. Oak was finally chosen as the material.

“Oak is the best option for this, a warm-toned noble wood with fine grain patterns. It is easy to care for and the board will be preserved from grandfather to grandson. As a fine carpenter, I want to make products that last from one generation to the next,” Karppinen philosophizes.

The oak board is beautiful, goes well with the glasses and is a Finnish design craft. SAVU glass is finished by hand, so each glass is unique. So does the Bishop tasting board, because each board has an individual grain pattern. The tasting board is made by hand at the premises of Karppinen Woodworks in Heinola, Finland.

The SAVU Bishop table with two glasses can be ordered from the online store (€149+shipping). The size of the board is 33x23x5 cm and the tasting plate weighs about one kilo.

The board has also been made with bars and restaurants in mind, a three-glass version for tasting events and for comparing different whiskey glasses.

Buy online SAVU Bishop whisky tasting board

Karppinen Woodwork is a fine carpentry shop that has been operating for over 20 years. Jari is a long-time professional with a love for wood. His workshop, which runs on 100% renewable energy sources, is located on the family farm in Paaso. In the lake landscapes of southern Finland, Jari Karppinen represents the sixth generation of the family.


SAVU is a premium Finnish whisky glass. Patented SAVU is the world’s only scientifically researched and verified whisky glass that removes disturbing ethanol from whisky, enabling a different smell and taste experience. SAVU glass is owned by Finnish Noble Glass Oy.


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