Using SAVU is easy

When you hold SAVU glass the hardest part is done and it is time for discovery and joy. Using SAVU is as easy as any glass; no tricks nor training required. You have arrived.


Use without ice

  1. Pour the whisky over the ledges.
  2. Take one minute and appreciate your whisky visually while SAVU works its magic.
  3. Start sniffing. Take your time to enjoy the aromas. You will immediately notice how rich in aromas your whisky actually is, as the alcohol no longer numbs your nose! Notice how the scent evolves with time by sniffing once a minute. Which aromas can you recognize?
  4. Time to taste your whisky. Take small sips from the smooth side of the glass. Cherish the tastes and scents coming together in a perfect concert.


Have a look at the lab results how the magic happens:

Naturally, if you find yourself in need of a quick one or are for some reason missing the ‘pinch in the nose’ just fill SAVU by pouring on the smooth side.

Use with ice

Pour the whisky first over the ledges. Then drop little peace of ice in. Appreciate visually for a moment while SAVU works its magic. Enjoy sniffing while the ice melts and eventully falls into the lower bit. Sip from the smooth side.

Many find it meditative occasionally sniffing and watching the ice melting and the water dripping peacefully down the hourglass shape and the droplets gradually mixing into the whisky.

on a path to perfection

Seven steps to the ultimate tipple

  1. Pour the drink over the volumetric planes a.k.a. ledges.

  2. drop a small, preferably cone-shaped, ice cube into the glass to perfectly seal the lower part of SAVU.

  3. Take about 2 minutes to enjoy visually and to avoid killing the nose.

  4. Inhale the aroma through the nose a few times.

  5. Relish. You can enjoy sniffing the evolving bouquet of aromas as time goes by. Most whiskys evolve with two turning points at around 4 and 8 minutes.

  6. In about 10 minutes the ice has melted enough to fall through SAVU’s hourglass neck. It is time to taste!

  7. Inhale once, then sip and exhale out through the nose. The by-sniffing-trained brain is now working with full throttle and the nose and mouth information amalgamate. The final profile of the whisky is engraved into the brain.

The delectable fragrances create a dopamine surge in the brain, enhancing the positive emotion induced by sensory enjoyment. You have arrived.


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